ChatGPT can browse the web for answers once again, voice and image recognition are also rolling out

In a nutshell: Starting this week, ChatGPT subscribers can once again ask the chatbot to search Bing, making its output more up-to-date. ChatGPT is also gaining the ability to detect images and conduct verbal conversations with paying users. OpenAI plans to open the new capabilities to everyone soon. One of ChatGPT’s primary shortcomings has been … Read more

Protect Your Passwords for Life for Just $30

Automatically create and save passwords, fill in forms and logins, even securely share passwords and sync across all of your devices via WiFi. Image: StackCommerce You know that you have to keep all your business data protected by strong, unique passwords, but it’s scary to think about what might happen if you forget one. Well, … Read more

Join the future of gaming with the Blockchain Game Alliance

Presented by Blockchain Game Alliance Discover the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), the key partner to accessing the largest network of Web3 gaming professionals. A global, non-profit, community-focused organization with over 500 trailblazing company members across the globe, BGA members range from game studios, infrastructure, tooling, marketplaces, chains, IP licensing and more, covering a broad spectrum … Read more

Generating Chess Puzzles with Genetic Algorithms

One of my favorite things to do is to find interesting libraries and test out unusual use cases with them. The python library geneticalgorithm is beautifully open ended—exposing a simple but powerful interface that we can use for all sorts of weird stuff. In this post, we’ll use it to generate chess puzzles that look … Read more

Censys Reveals Open Directories Share More Than 2,000 TB of Unprotected Data

Image: Sergey Nivens/Adobe Stock Open directories are a severe security threat to organizations as they might leak sensitive data, intellectual property or technical data that could allow an attacker to compromise the entire system. According to new research from Censys, an internet intelligence platform, more than 2,000 TB of unprotected data, including full databases and … Read more

Bing Chat’s ads are sending users to dangerous malware sites

Ever since it launched, Microsoft’s Bing Chat has been generating headlines left, right and center — and not all of them have been positive. Now, there’s a new headache for the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot, as it’s been found it has a tendency to send you to malware websites that can infect your PC. The … Read more

Release date, price, specs, rumors, and what we want to see

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority Update: September 29, 2023 (6:00 AM ET): We’ve updated our iPhone SE 4 rumor hub with new claims from a Twitter tipster. Original article: Apple’s iPhone SE range has long been the most affordable new iPhone series you can buy. Coming in at under $500, these handsets still bring a … Read more

Photoshop that runs in web browsers launches with AI tools, no free version for now

Recap: A long-running beta for a web-based Photoshop client with a freemium trial for Canadian users raised hopes that Adobe might lower the iconic image editor’s barrier to entry. Photoshop’s full launch on the web brings the application to a broader range of hardware, but its prohibitive cost remains. All Adobe Photoshop subscribers gained access … Read more

Disclosure of Pirates’ Identities “Compatible With EU Privacy Laws” * TorrentFreak

Following the creation of its Hadopi anti-piracy agency over 13 years ago, France monitored and stored data on millions of users suspected of infringing copyrights. The majority were BitTorrent users and the plan was to use evidence of their piracy activities as a basis for escalating actions including warnings, fines, and ultimately, internet disconnections. Operating … Read more