Making Changes to Major League Baseball ⚾ by Tumble Science Podcast for Kids

Tumble presents one of our favorite podcasts from RTÉjr Radio: Cereal! 

Deception, Mystery and so much more in “Cereal” RTÉjr Radio’s (not really) True Crime Podcast for all the family. Picture the scene. A brand new TV talent show for kids called “The Novice”. Middle Grade students battle it out to get funding and promotion for their mini company on the national stage. The candidates?

Fergus, an ambitious eco-warrior who’s invented “The Bog Log” a product that turns your poop into compost for your garden.

Xander, a tech whizkid who’s dreamt up the “Homework Helper”, an App that literally does your homework for you.

Brother and Sister Duo PJ and Clara, forced to enter by their teacher in place of detention, have conjured a colour changing Mood Ring.

And Aoife and Katie, best buds for life cooked up the product that gives this podcast it’s name. Crunch Ems; a Cereal bar treat that’s truly healthy and tastes like a dream.

Four perfect products. But all is not what it seems.

When the show goes sideways a tale of blackmail and intrigue is revealed. And who better to chart it in his own podcast but 15 year old Rian, runner on The Novice and budding TY podcast presenter.

Ryan Tubridy cameos as himself, a veteran broadcast adviser to the young podcast host. And amateur sleuth in his own right.

Across 6 episodes Rian takes the listener on a complex journey of discovery to unveil the truth behind the scandal.

Find Cereal on on the RTÉ website, or wherever you get your podcasts.