Britney Spears” New Knife-Dancing Video, Explanation

Britney Spears posts videos of herself dancing on Instagram all the time, but one of her latest dispatches sparked some real concern. In it, Spears dances as usual, except for the fact that she’s holding a large knife in each hand. It was speculated that Spears was inspired by Shakira’s recent VMAs performance, which Spears … Read more

Top safeties in NFL currently

Both before and after the upcoming NFL season, there is bound to be a raging debate about the best safeties in 2023. Even compared to other football positions, safety takes on extra importance because they are the last line of defense. Fittingly, we are seeing a generation of incredible safeties throughout the NFL. Ranking the … Read more

Accelerating Antibody Discovery for Difficult Targets

This webinar will be hosted live and available on-demand Monday, October 23, 2023 11:00 AM Eastern Time (5:00 PM CET) Scientists often use classical immunization strategies and hybridoma technologies to generate antibodies. However, when producing antibodies against poorly immunogenic targets, such as membrane proteins with short extracellular domains, these approaches achieve limited antibody diversity, making it … Read more

Victim identified, suspect charged in fatal UNC-Chapel Hill shooting

UNC-Chapel Hill graduate student Tailei Qi, 34, has been charged with first degree murder in Monday’s on-campus shooting of Zijie Yan, 38, an associate professor in the university’s Department of Applied Physical Sciences. Yan, who was identified as the victim Tuesday, served as academic advisor to Qi. The two men co-authored research papers – one … Read more

Lockdowns have created a ‘ticking cancer timebomb’: Doctors warn it’ll be YEARS before death rates return to pre-pandemic levels – because hospitals focused on Covid

The US could be on the precipice of a spike in cancer deaths in the years to come after preventative screening and early diagnoses plummeted during the pandemic. Experts are concerned a dip in diagnostic screening in 2020 likely resulted in countless missed opportunities to treat cancers early, which would have increased the odds of … Read more

Join the future of gaming with the Blockchain Game Alliance

Presented by Blockchain Game Alliance Discover the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA), the key partner to accessing the largest network of Web3 gaming professionals. A global, non-profit, community-focused organization with over 500 trailblazing company members across the globe, BGA members range from game studios, infrastructure, tooling, marketplaces, chains, IP licensing and more, covering a broad spectrum … Read more

Australian Rockers Jet Sign a Catalog Deal With BMG

SYDNEY, NSW (CelebrityAccess) — BMG announced the acquisition of the recordings catalog of the multi-platinum Australian rock legends Jet. The deal includes Australian and New Zealand rights to the band’s first two albums, Get Born and Shine On, and the global royalty stream for these two albums in perpetuity. … Read more

How to watch Aledo vs. The Colony

The Friday Night Lights of Texas high school football will focus on a solid 5A-1 matchup this week as undefeated Aledo heads to The Colony for a Lone Star State showdown. For the Bearcats, it’s a chance to continue working the way up the national ladder and near the Super 25 while also building toward … Read more

8 tips to safely watch the annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14

A solar eclipse will be visible across North, Central and South America on Oct. 14, and it promises to be a landmark event.  Everyone in the U.S. will see a partial solar eclipse, with those farther west seeing a much larger chunk taken out of the sun. Only from a path 125 miles (200 kilometers) … Read more