Protect Your Passwords for Life for Just $30

Automatically create and save passwords, fill in forms and logins, even securely share passwords and sync across all of your devices via WiFi.

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You know that you have to keep all your business data protected by strong, unique passwords, but it’s scary to think about what might happen if you forget one. Well, now you can ditch the hassle of remembering long and complicated passwords forever with a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium.

In addition to a powerful password generator with two-factor and biometric authentication, Sticky Password Premium offers automatic form-filling and login, a secure digital wallet and secure notes. You can even securely share passwords with others, which is particularly useful for companies that need to grant access to multiple team members without compromising security.

For added security, Sticky Password Premium includes Dark Web Monitoring powered by ARC. This extra service automatically monitors passwords against data breaches and alerts users when a threat to their credentials is identified. That’s an enormous help in preventing misuse of credentials and protecting your online accounts.

You’ll get unlimited encrypted password and data storage, either local or cloud-based, with the ability to sync among all of your devices via WiFi. This provides you with seamless password management and access across multiple platforms. The program is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and has a USB portable version for Windows.

Sticky Password’s trusted technology has protected millions of people worldwide. It’s easy to see why TechRadar says, “Sticky Password is also more affordable than many of its competitors, with no compromise when it comes to security. Undoubtedly, Sticky Password is one of the most secure password managers available.”

It’s so satisfying to find an affordable business tool that helps keep everything running smoothly. Now you can enjoy premium-quality security for all your passwords and personal information, across all your devices, with just one master password.

Get a lifetime subscription to Sticky Password Premium now for only $29.99 for a limited time (reg. $199.99).

Prices and availability are subject to change.